Delights Hot Springs Resort, Tecopa California
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Delight's Natural Therapeutic Hot Springs Resort: You can travel farther, but you can't get farther away...

Hidden in the seldom-explored reaches of the Mojave Desert lies a desert oasis world renowned for its peaceful atmosphere and therapeutic natural artesian hot spring mineral water. The Tecopa California hot springs are widely considered to be one of the highest quality hot springs in the United States, with a reputation built from word of mouth testaments echoed from travelers for well over a century.

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Private Hot Springs Mineral Baths: Delight's California Hot Springs Resort

Privacy and the comfort of your own space: Our private desert hot spring mineral baths allow you-- seeking solitude and introspection-- or your party-- seeking privacy and your own atmosphere-- to fully enjoy the mineral rich and geothermally heated artesian hot springs. Our Tecopa California hot springs are considered by many to be among the best therapeutic waters in the United States.

  • Currently 4 Individual Private
    Hot Spring Pools with Showers

  • 2 Enclosed, 2 Roofless

  • Clean & Safe Facilities

  • Centrally Located: Easy Access

Hot Springs Pool

- Private California Hot Springs Baths -
The temperature of the water is regulated by adjusting the flow of water into the
pools. Pools are regulated to temperatures between 99 - 104 degrees F. Each enclosed pool is equipped with an individual shower. All four hot spring pools are centrally located for convenient access.

Private mineral pool - Hot Springs Pool

Large Pool, Easy Handicapped Access

Water Flow Controls Temperature
Water Flows into the Pools
to Circulate

Surface Drain - Constant Flow
- Surface Drain -
Maintains Water Levels

Entrance into the Communal Hot Springs Pools Area
The Entryway into the Rec Area and Hot Springs Pool #3 (Lockable door pictured to the right)

The entrance into the communal hot springs recreation area is depicted above. The motel rooms are just to the left of the photographer, and cabin number's one, three and five are just a short distance behind him. The brick-paved paths to the reacreation area are well lit and provide 24 hour access to the hot springs for guests staying at Delight's.

Balcony view to the Rec Area, Cabin #5 can be seen in the distance

Serene View from the Back of the Property @ Delight's

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Delight's Hot Springs Resort
368 Tecopa Hot Springs Road
Tecopa, California 92389

(760) 852-4343 - Tecopa Hot Springs Spa & Resort, Inyo County, California

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Delight's Hot Springs Resort, formally known as Delight's Hot Spa, is a 40 acre Tecopa, California desert hot springs resort located in Inyo County California ( just outside of Death Valley and in the Great Basin Mojave Desert ), offering private hot spring mineral baths, cabins, motel rooms, and an RV Park for accommodation. Located just a few hours from Los Angeles and 90 minutes from Las Vegas, our natural desert hot spring oasis is your perfect retreat for peace, exploration, and rejuvenation.


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